Duplat International


The benefits of Duplat International

All goods coming from a non-EU country and wishing to enter the European territory must be imported via specific customs import documents.

The expertise and knowledge of the Duplat International customs agency facilitates the release of your goods.

Each element in your container/truck/group/lot is distinguished by specific codes. Every product is different (e.g. a long-sleeved t-shirt has a different code than a short-sleeved t-shirt). Origin, taxes, incoterm, anti-dumping duties, import certificates (agrims), ecotaxes etc. are examples of components which must be taken into account in the customs declaration.

Any oversight or failure to do so will affect entry/customs duties and may be subject to heavy fines.

Many types of imports are in place within the European Union, such as:

  • Final import
  • Temporary imports
  • Placing in bonded warehouse
  • Re-import (following a previous export)

We work at the main customs clearance locations in Belgium such as Zaventem, Antwerp, Zeebruge, Liege, Ghent, Tournai, Mouscron and Ghlin.

At each of these clearance points, the Duplat International customs agency carries out physical/gas/phytosanitary checks if requested by customs or the phytosanitary service (AFSCA/FAVV).

The need for speed and JUST-IN-TIME is a, increasingly major factor in the logistics sector and we are well aware of this! We are in direct contact with customs and we guarantee this fast turnaround.