Duplat International


The benefits of Duplat International

Bonded warehousing allows the payment of duties and taxes to be deferred. This means that you can store your goods in such a warehouse and only pay duties and taxes when the goods leave/are sold.

A bonded warehouse also allows you to temporarily store goods when the final customs destination is not yet known. Let’s take the example of a purchase of 15 containers of bobbins where the final buyer is not yet known. This warehouse allows you to store the bobbins without paying customs duties until a buyer is found.

An authorisation is required in order to benefit from such a warehouse, and this can only be obtained by having clear and accurate stock records and rigorous monitoring of all goods entering and leaving the warehouse.

Our IT services enable us to regulate their stock accounting for some of our customers and relieve them of this burden. We take care of all bonded warehouse entries, management, and all their exits.

We also have our own bonded warehouse in the Tournaisis area for customers who want to store a few pallets for a period but do not wish to pay duty immediately.