Duplat International

Our story


Here is the old Belgian customs house from the early 1900s. Our offices are located right here, historically the only crossing point between the two border countries France and Belgium. The border location of our teams as well as our close proximity to the motorway complex are strong assets which we have put at the service of our clients right from the beginning of our activities.

The Duplat Group was founded in 1993 following the opening of borders within Europe and the free movement of goods, services, capital and people (the “four freedoms”). The company then turned to the global market, where it was able to develop into what it is today

Serving a wide range of companies, our Customs Agency is a privileged partner of many economic operators from a wide range of sectors.  We work with most of the import/export companies in Belgium, France and the other members of the European Union. 

As the initial headquarters were located on the French-Belgian border, our offices now include an import team, an export team, an excise team and an accounting team for the management of bonded warehouses.  We also have a new warehouse in the same location as our offices, allowing logistics companies to have a place to load/unload.

The Group has grown over the years, and is now present throughout Belgium. We have also established numerous relationships with European partners to enable our customers to be served throughout Europe.