Duplat International


The benefits of Duplat International

In direct relation with the AFSCA/FAVV, the customs agency Duplat International acts as an intermediary for you to bring apples/meat/tea/seeds etc. into Europe.

Various documents such as CHEDD, CHEDPP, FLEGHT (for wood).

We also work closely with the port of Calais so that goods subject to phytosanitary documents originating from England can enter Europe.

This step is essential and should be done first and foremost. If such a document is missing and not produced when required, the goods cannot be subsequently declared at customs.

Our approvals with AFSCA-FAVV and TRACES NT allow us to relieve you of the burden of obtaining these documents.

In the event of a phytosanitary inspection, Duplat International can also organise everything for you: from the port/airport to the release of the goods.